Motherhood and creativity go hand in hand but a lot needs to be said for women who shuffle a life of motherhood, work and art making. Katie Alleva is primarily a printmaker who lives in the Northern Rivers of Australia. Katie also has a love of drawing and can remember drawing a tree out the front of her childhood home in Sydney, as a 'captured memory,' before she and her family left to move to Wagga Wagga. 

Katie loved art at high school and was always making something. Whether it was weaving on a little loom, sewing up clothes, constructing an appliqued textile piece or four colour screen-print on a t-shirt, making copper jewellery, hand cut perspex keyring, pin - hole photography or a wearable bridal gown made out of black plastic bags. Her junior high school years were memorable to say the least.

Her senior years were filled with a heightened appreciation and love of the Visual Arts. She loved listening to her teacher talk about the history of art and how to analyse artworks. 

Katie went on to study Fine Art at Charles Sturt University in Wagga Wagga and found her it was in her first year that she was introduced to printmaking.

Katie went on to complete a degree in Secondary Education, at Southern Cross University in Lismore and has since taught in many schools across the Northern Rivers. 

Katie’s mixed-media works on paper reflect her passion for slow living with a twist. She is currently working on paper mounted onto small canvases to create ‘little abstracts’ – short descriptions of the natural environment – but is also compelled to rip, re-orient, scarify and juxtapose these descriptions, because in everything she does the imperfection and uncertainty of life is something that to her is always certain.

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