"It's beautiful! Hanging in my kitchen now."


"I am very lucky to be the proud owner of three lovely paintings by Katie Alleva. The paintings are beautiful in themselves but Katie has also, through her paintings, given me a hopeful message about life and growth of the earth. I really love these paintings and they will continue to give me pleasure for a very very long time."

Karin Tentij 

"I am so happy I chose to buy 'Luna', it brings me joy every time I look at it! I have to say thanks too for a hassle free buying experience - my painting arrived really promptly and I was grateful for your prompt responses to my questions. I really enjoy following your blog and love witnessing your creativity as you let us know about new works. Thanks  Katie Alleva (aka Little Paper Tree), keep up the great work!"                            

Kate, Lismore, Australia

"My name is Shelly Hughes, I am a singer and songwriter living in the north coast of New South Wales, Australia.

I have known Katie for a few years through my partner and over the past few years have slowly come to know and recognise her unique and beautiful style. During a creative explosion of music in my life in 2011, I approached Katie to create some pieces for an upcoming release of my new album.

I requested that I say two words and she take with them and create from them as she wished. She was excited, enthusiastic and motivated from the very beginning. Those two words were “Twig Bird”.

As my musical project came to fruition, so did a range of artworks by Katie that took my breath away. And two of them, a glorious twiggy tree and a delicate crocheted bird, became the focus in my album’s artwork, entitled “Where The Owl Was”, released March 2012 via Vitamin Records.

I am slowly acquiring more and more of Katie Alleva’s artworks. I am constantly swept away by her use of mediums, textures, colours, and imagery.

Katie, herself, is professional, honest and down to earth. I cannot wait for my next project where I get to interact with her artistically once again."