• Image of Postcard Packs - BIRDA

Use as a special not to a friend, a thank you note, a birthday card or frame.

‘Birda’ was one of my son’s first words and was one of our first significant painting experiences together. My son started the painting when he was only one year old. He painted the galaxy; an expanding space expressed with gestural strokes, and fingers and feet mushing paint around.

I added a bird and then the tree emerged taking on a life of it’s own with it’s roots embedded into the earth and golden branches outstretched to the sky and space.

He is the galaxy bursting with brightly lit stars, a vast, free and innocent space. The tree is wise and grounding; it is I, the mother, carer, protector, educator, offering life experiences to aid his growth and development. The bird is the spirit or soul, illusive, harmonious, the watcher, the guide, and the whistler of life’s melody.

Collaborating with my son on this artwork has been a special experience, to witness the image unfold over the course of the last year and to celebrate creativity and growth.